Jimmy Jacobs Defends WWE From Raw Criticism


Over the last few weeks, WWE fans have increased their opinions about the product and current state of WWE’s flagship show, Monday Night Raw.

In fact, this isn’t the minority of the fanbase voicing their opinions but appears to be the majority as many fans have decided to not watch the show as viewership for the show has fallen to record lows.

This week’s episode of WWE Raw drew 2,193,000 viewers. This is down from the 2,285,000 viewers the show did last week. Former WWE creative writer Jimmy Jacobs recently defended WWE from criticism when he wrote the following on his official Twitter account:

“Writing a 3 hour wrestling tv show every single week is fuckin hard.”

“Everybody is allowed to their opinion. I take zero offense to it. But one of the 1st things I learned writing is that it’s easy to point out the problems. The job is to come up with solutions.”

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