Jimmy Korderas Critiques WWE For Not Mentioning Montez Ford On RAW


Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas has criticized WWE for not mentioning Montez Ford on Monday Night RAW following Ford’s standout performance in the 2023 Elimination Chamber match.

In his latest Reffin’ Rant video, Korderas wondered why the RAW commentary team didn’t follow up on Ford’s impressive performance. He said,


“It was the Raw after Elimination Chamber, and when you flash back to Elimination Chamber, you highlight moments and superstars that really shined on that pay-per-view, and one of those guys is Montez Ford. Everyone said it after the pay-per-view, this guy is a star waiting to be made. He has all the tools, he checks all the boxes, but he didn’t get mentioned at all during Raw. They didn’t even show really anything involving him. No update on his injury, which played a major role in the match. I think that was a missed opportunity. They could have at least let the crowd in, and keep him fresh in their minds.”

You can see Korderas’ original tweet below:

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