Jimmy Korderas Doesn’t Mind The Rock Being Absent At Survivor Series


Former WWE official Jimmy Korderas discussed the recent Survivor Series show, why he’s okay with The Rock not appearing there, planting seeds for his return, and more. Korderas spoke with Wrestling Inc, and you can check out the highlights below:

On Rock not appearing at the show despite being discussed a lot:

“I’m okay with it. Make me want to see it and it’s maybe the first step. This is maybe a good seed that was planted, giving us a little bit of something to look forward to. I hope it’s not one of those things where they pull the rug out from under us and it was just advertising for The Rock. I want this to lead to something in the future. Maybe that is the reason why we got hints throughout the night obviously, through the vignettes and stuff like that. But even in Roman’s match, the Rock Bottom was in the middle of the match. Little seeds planted here and there. Maybe we will see him eventually and I’m okay with not rushing this thing. Everyone’s in a rush these days, take your time, tell a story.”

On a Rock vs. Roman Reigns match potentially not happening until WrestleMania 39: 

“It’ll be tough. Especially nowadays with the attention span being what it is from a lot of fans, I’m not saying everybody, but a lot of fans. But they are heading to Dallas, Texas Stadium for two nights. You want two huge main events, one for each night. Hey, maybe that is your main event? Maybe this WrestleMania that’s coming up is the one to do Rock and Roman.”

On the end of the Roman Reigns vs. Big E. match: 

“It made sense. But at the same time, I feel for Big E because I wanted him to show that he belonged in the main event picture. He did through that match. I thought he delivered big time, they had a hell of a match. I really enjoyed it. I wish there was something a little more underhanded in Roman’s win. Yes, I think maybe the decisiveness of that win leads to what we were talking about earlier in building towards that Rock-Roman and that eventual showdown. But at the same time, obviously, I think Big E got over without going over. But at the same time, there could have been more getting him over, if that makes sense.”

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