Photo Credit: WWE

Jimmy Snuka Said To Be Unfit To Stand Trial Due To Terminal Cancer


PWInsider says that even though the case hasn’t been dismissed, it is expected that former WWE superstar, Jimmy Snuka, will be too mentally incompetent to stand trial for charges of both involuntary manslaughter and third-degree murder. The charges stem from the 1983 death of then-girlfriend, Nancy Argentino. Judge Kelly L. Banach wants copies of Snuka’s medical records from the past six months to review them prior to making an official ruling. Sarah Cassi revealed the news on Twitter.

Banach said that Snuka was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer and is not expected to live beyond the next six months, according to a hospice doctor. He was not present at today’s hearing, testifying via Facetime. He said he didn’t remember even talking with Judge Banach the last time he was in court. He was taken to an emergency room on November 28 and is not healthy enough to travel. His lawyer said that he has had a number of infections before his hospitalization because of “hysteria and delusions” from said infections.

Prosecution and defense attorney, Robert Kirwan, asked for a dismissal last August. Banach held off to today to see if Snuka’s mental health improved, or if there’d be evidence that would decide if he was fit to stand trial but neither scenario happened.

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