​Jimmy Snuka Testifies In Mental Competency Hearing, Unable To Remember Mothers Name


The Allentown Morning Call recently posted an article covering the Jimmy Snuka murder case. The site reports that Snuka took the stand in a hearing into his mental competency hearing to determine whether he can stand trial on involuntary manslaughter and third-degree murder. The hearing took place on Friday and relates to the May 1983 death of his ex-wife Nancy Argentino. Snuka testified for a little over an hour and Snuka was questioned by the judge.

The site reports that Snuka was unable to name politicians or sports personalities despite claiming he regularly watched the news. He also wasn’t aware that this was an election year. Snuka said he thought judges would sit in the juror’s box during a trial. When asked about wrestling, he was more energetic, acknowledging that promoters determine the results of matches. Despite that, he said pro wrestling was real to him. Snuka said that the injuries he suffered were real and that he kept most of his own injuries to himself, not complaining because the next time it may be his turn to “kick” his opponent in a match.

Snuka said Argentino was a friend he had met during wrestling events and said he felt like he was doing a good job. When the judge in the case asked if he would do whatever his lawyer asked of him, including jumping off a building, Snuka replied, “I have done that” to laughs from the courtroom. When provided the wrong nickname for Dwayne Johnson (“The Stone”) by the judge, Snuka agreed that was his nickname.

Snuka was reportedly unable to remember the name of his mother. He was also “confused” about his given name and age.

There was no ruling on his competency this time around. Another hearing is set for June 21st.

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