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Jimmy Snuka’s Ghostwriter Says The Murder Charges Won’t Hurt His Legacy, & More


Jon Chattman, the ghostwriter for Jimmy Snuka’s 2012 autobiography Superfly: The Jimmy Snuka Story, recently spoke with the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Podcast. During the interview, Chattman said that he doesn’t think the murder charges will hurt his legacy. You can read some highlights below:

On Snuka’s version of events regarding what happened to Nancy Argentino: “I didn’t push him at all. Right from the get-go, the one constant with Jimmy was he kept saying, ‘I want the truth. I want the whole story.’ It was never one of those deals where, ‘We must put this in,’” Chattman recalled. “In terms of the Nancy situation, I asked him the question a couple times. I went online and there was a lot of stuff that I also heard that I took to him. And his story never wavered. And the way it’s in the book is the way it was told to me.”

On whether Snuka’s murder charges have hurt his legacy: “I don’t think it’s Chris Benoit. I’ll say that much. I don’t think you erase him from memory. All I’ll say is I think his legacy is intact. Ultimately, you look at what he did in the ring and it’s remarkable. And he was an innovator and he inspired so many people. But it’s a touchy subject. It’s hard because we’re talking about a human life that passed away. Me, personally—if you ask me, ‘Do you think Jimmy did it?’ No. I met him and he was the kindest man possible. I just look at the whole thing as a shame, because there’s a loss of human life there.”

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