Jinder Mahal Believes He Can Surpass CM Punk’s 434 WWE Title Reign


WWE Champion Jinder Mahal recently spoke with Sportskeeda and during the interview, he was asked if he believes he can surpass CM Punk’s impressive 434 day WWE Title reign.

“Absolutely think I can. Why not? I believe I haven’t even entered my prime yet. So, I’m 31 years old, I’m already WWE Champion for 140 something days at the moment. I’ve a lengthy title run ahead of me and many more title runs yet to come.”

Mahal also revealed that talked about his dream WrestleMania opponents.

“Brock Lesnar — that would be amazing. Or someone like John Cena. Even John Cena’s such a big, big star here in India it would be a blockbuster match. Especially if I beat someone like John Cena, I would really establish my own legacy, which is my number 1 goal.”

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