Jinder Mahal Comments On His Career Before His Push, WWE In India, & More


WWE Superstar Jinder Mahal was a recent guest on The Sam Roberts Wrestling podcast. During the interview, Mahal commented on his pro wrestling career prior to his push, WWE wanting to expand into India and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his pro wrestling career prior to his push: “I was wrestling, like, wrestling Darren Young on Superstars every week, but I was telling Vince like, ‘Man, Vince. I wasn’t even on Raw or SmackDown every week.’”

On fans who think his push due to WWE wanting to expand into India: “India was still there when I got released. India was there when I first debuted. India’s been there the entire time. You know, WWE went to India while I was released also, too, but they didn’t bring me back. So, everybody says that, that’s okay, they can say that, they can say whatever they want. I wasn’t even WWE Champion when they went to India! Yeah, so, it’s fine. It [doesn’t] bother me. Yeah, yeah, I understand it’s a business, they do whatever makes money. India is their largest market.”

Also, in case you missed Andy’s report earlier, Mahal discussed becoming WWE Champion again, if he was worried about losing his spot in WWE after the loss and more. You can check out those highlights below:

On if the US title picture is a demotion: “No, it’s not. It’s the United States Championship. I’m still on SmackDown, on the live events I’m still in a main, main spot, and that’s up to me to maintain that level. You know, maintain that level of performance, and that’s 100 percent up to me. If you see me fall down the card, it’s my own fault. If I’m staying at this level, it’s because of the hard work that I’m doing and I ultimately will become WWE Champion again. I 100 percent believe that.”

On if he worried he was losing his spot in WWE after the loss: “I wasn’t worried at all. A lot of people say, ‘It’s disappointing you got the push.’ No, I didn’t get the push, I made the push. I believe that every WWE superstar is in charge 100 percent of his own destiny. It’s up to me. You know, you drop the title, you win the title, but that’s part of the storyline. That match I had with AJ [Styles], even though I lost the title, it’s like I lost the match, I really did win. I had an awesome outing, awesome match, came back and got a big hug from Vince.”

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