Jinder Mahal On His Friendship With Drew McIntyre & Talks His WWE Title Defense Tonight


Source: Planeta Wrestling

Jinder Mahal, who is set to defend his WWE Championship tonight at Money In The Bank against Randy Orton, was recently a part of a media conference call to promote the match.


Here’s what the “Modern-Day Maharajah” had to say:

Where He Got The Inspiration For His New Character:

“I take inspiration from various WWE Superstars. I take inspirations from past superstars and a lot of it is just my own thinking too. A lot of it’s my own creation or it’s just the evolution of my character. You can see from when I started in the WWE in 2011, I just keep evolving a little bit. I see what works and what doesn’t. Like 3MB didn’t work so I dropped a lot of the stuff but I kept some stuff that worked. So it’s just about constantly evolving, constantly changing, constantly improving. Which I am the WWE Champion now and will remain WWE Champion after MITB and I look forward to the next challenger after that.”

His Thoughts On Seeing Drew McIntyre Back In WWE & Talks His Title Defense:

“I love to see Drew McIntyre back in WWE, he’s one of my best friends outside the WWE, we workout together. It was both our goals at first to return to WWE and it’s great to see that I’m WWE Champion, he’s gonna be great on NXT and I know for a fact just the way he is; how motivated he is, how driven he is, he’s going to become NXT Champion very very soon and I might even be seeing him in the ring for the WWE Championship. I plan on being WWE Champion for a long time. I plan on defeating Randy Orton at Money In The Bank in his hometown of St. Louis, I plan on remaining WWE Champion for a long time, taking on all comers, whether that be John Cena, AJ Styles, or even Drew McIntyre. Although he is my best friend, friendship comes secondary to the WWE Championship, he knows that too.”


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