Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali Talk Khali’s Return, Khali Speaks On His Next Move, Talks Him & Jinder’s Relationship – More


Last night at WWE Battleground, The Great Khali returned to help his fellow Punjabi native; Jinder Mahal, retain his WWE Title. Following the match, Khali & Mahal spoke with The Hindustan Times about the shocking sequence of events last night.

Here are the highlights: (if you are going to use any of the quotes below, please give credit to The Hindustan Times with an H/T to eWrestlingNews for the transcriptions.

Khali On His Comeback:

“The company told me that the Punjabi Prison match is happening after such a long time and I was extremely happy that they wanted me to be a part of the match. It is a proud moment for India that Jinder Mahal has made it big in this company and this can be an inspiration for the youngsters to aspire to be a WWE superstar.”

Jinder On His Relationship With Khali:

“I have a great relationship with Khali, he is like an older brother. He was my role model in WWE; he was a great champion and put India on the map and I want to do the same and hopefully he was happy with my performance in the match.”

Khali’s Next Move:

“I don’t want to be the last Great Khali to come out of India. My wish is to create more superstars from my country. I was here to support Jinder and I will be there if he needs my help again. There is a perception that pro-wrestling and especially WWE is for the Americans and the Europeans, but, I disagree with that kind of thinking completely and the students of my wrestling school are living examples of what Indians can do in this field.”


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