Jinder Mahal Says The Great Khali Has Given Him Advice For Tonight’s Punjabi Prison Match


The current WWE Champion Jinder Mahal has done another interview with The Times Of India. During this interview, Jinder revealed why he wants to defend his WWE Title against Randy Orton inside of a Punjabi Prison & spoke on how he is preparing for the bout.

Here are the highlights:

How Is He Preparing For The Match:

“I know it is going to be a long grueling match because it is not only one cage, there are two cages. I am working a lot on my endurance. If you look at my Instagram page I have posted work out videos working on endurance; stuff like sledge, body weight exercises. I know I will have to climb out of at least one of the two cages so I am doing lot of pull ups, lot of grip exercises; mostly it is conditioning because I know it going to be a very long, tough and hard fought match. It is basically less bodybuilding exercise and more conditioning work for now.”

Why He Decided To Defend His Title In A Punjabi Prison Match:

“I chose the Punjabi Prison Match because the match MITB was in St. Louis, which is Orton’s hometown. It was on his terms, his father was sitting in the front row. So, when I had the chance, I wanted my match on my terms and my terms are Punjabi Prison match. It was invented by the Great Khali and he has given me some tricks and tips to win the match and I am more than ready to defend my title.”



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