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NewsJinny Talks Transition From NXT UK To NXT Europe

Jinny Talks Transition From NXT UK To NXT Europe



Former WWE NXT UK Superstar Jinny was a recent guest of the Ring the Belle podcast and she talked about NXT UK shuttering its doors so it can re-brand as NXT Europe.

Jinny was injured when NXT UK closed its doors, so she didn’t get a chance at a proper goodbye. Jinny stated, “I was injured at that point so I wasn’t actually there when everything happened.”

The real-life spouse of Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER thinks that rebranding as NXT Europe makes more sense than a promotion that focused solely on the UK, She added, “For me, NXT UK should’ve been NXT Europe because not everyone is from the U.K. We’re from all over Europe and the U.K. is in Europe, as well.”

NXT Europe is expected to launch later this year.

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