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Joe Hendry Reveals Why He Made The Decision To Return To Impact Wrestling



At the Bound for Glory 2022 pay-per-view event, Joe Hendry made his return to Impact Wrestling.

While speaking to Nerdly UK, the Impact Wrestling star opened up on why he made the decision to sign with Impact Wrestling, as well as Scott D’Amore labeling him as a future world champion in past interviews. Hendry said,

“So, long story short, there’s a few reasons that I went to IMPACT. One, I believe IMPACT has the best wrestling show on TV. I wanna be 100% bought in and I am bought in on the IMPACT product and I feel like I can contribute to it. Also, Scott [D’Amore] did an interview several years ago in the UK where he [was asked] who he thought could be a future world champion. This was before Josh Alexander or Moose had done it, and he [named] Josh Alexander, Moose, and a wildcard Joe Hendry. When I read that, that made me realize that Scott actually gets what I’m trying to do and if that’s how management perceives me, that’s probably the place I should go to.”

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