Joey Janela on Being Embarrassed With How His Fight with Enzo Amore Blew Up


During a recent interview with, AEW Superstar Joey Janela commented on his “fight” with Enzo Amore during a recent Blink 182 concert, working for AEW, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On how far he’s come: “It’s gonna be great to see my family come out and see how far I’ve come in the business and life.”

On the sacrifices he has made: “I’ve sacrificed basically everything to get to the position I’m at. One of my best friends passed away four years ago, and I found out as I was driving to a wrestling show. I drove to that wrestling show, I wrestled and then from that show I drove to Canada for two days and did two shows. You’re going to miss your kid’s birthday parties, you’re going to miss funerals, you’re going to miss weddings.”

On how fans pigeonhole him: “In reality I’ve only done five of those (hardcore-style) matches. I’ve done over a thousand regular matches…and people pigeonhole me, but that’s fine because growing up I appreciated (those types of matches).”

On how he got into wrestling: “When MySpace came out, I started looking for backyard wrestling companies in my area. Me and my friends started wrestling for other backyard ‘companies,’ but they weren’t really companies. They were just teenagers wrestling on mattresses.”

On his fight with nZo (aka Enzo Amore) and not expecting it to blow up like it did: “I didn’t think something like that would blow up the way it did, but it was a little embarrassing coming out of it. But you live and you learn. I feel bad that I did it. The guy was trying to have a night out, enjoy himself, just like I was enjoying myself.”

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