Joey Janela Praises His Post-AEW Career, Stevie Richards Talks Spinal Infection Diagnosis


Joey Janela is quite happy with his independent work with GameChanger Wrestling (GCW) and is enjoying the freedom that his new situation affords. In response to a fan tweet, Janela stated,

“I appreciate your enthusiasm but I get to Walk to the beat of my own drum, make my money, travel the world monthly. Tv is tv I’m not making a million dollars but the freedom is wonderful. I signed to wrestle omega and got 2 matches out of it that fans love still! I’m GCW 4 life!”


Former WWE Superstar Stevie Richards has been dealing with spinal issues and recently spent time in the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

Richards recently shared an explanatory video to his YouTube channel detailing the story of his health issues. You can check out the video below:

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