Joey Janela Sides With WWE In Their Legal Battle With MLW


We reported last night here on eWn that Major League Wrestling (MLW) has filed an antitrust lawsuit against WWE. The lawsuit claims “tortious interference with their contracts and business prospects”.

WWE appears to have an unlikely ally in the form of AEW talent Joey Janela. On Wednesday, Janela took to Twitter and sided with WWE, claiming MLW contracts have “No GCW” written in them after Janela called them out for “taking advantage of young talent. Janela said,

“This dude has ‘No GCW’ written into his new contracts because I called him out for taking advantage of young talent. I hope the titan puts em out.”

He continued,

“I know it’s the cool thing to support the underdog taking on the big dog, but this ain’t it…”

You can check out some of Janela’s tweets below:

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