Joey Janela

Joey Janela Stands Up for His Work Ethic Against Critics


Joey Janela, like a lot of modern talents, attracts both many supporters and detractors. Recently, Joey took to Twitter to address the latter.

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In a long raving that spans several tweets, Joey would go on to say that he feels so disrespected by those who question his work ethic because nobody works harder than he does. The AEW Superstar would even say that he doesn’t mind those that question his appearance, but if you question his heart for wrestling, that’s a line Joey will not accept even the most vitriol-filled criticisms:

I absolutely give 0 fucks what people think of me, my friends & family have been watching me for half my life (legitimately) try to accomplish my dreams & in Oct they will get to see me on tv.. I’ve been through so much shit in my life, someone calling me Jelly won’t offend me.
But what does offend me is someone saying that I’m a shitty wrestler from word of mouth, anyone that has watched my work over the years knows that’s completely false. I 100% could’ve taken 0 risks over the last 3 years & would’ve found a way to get myself to the position I am now.
I’ve worked great names over the last few years, that came back to the locker room teary-eyed because I made them feel young again by working & pacing a match that made the fans appreciate them like it was their prime.
Say I’m fat, say I have crackhead teeth whatever it doesn’t bother me… say I’m a shitty wrestler that irks me because no one works harder in the ring than me! Most of you trolls didn’t live your dream because you never had the balls to try…

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