Joey Janela Talks About Recent Split With Penelope Ford


Recently, professional wrestling couple Joey Janela and Penelope Ford made the decision to split up. Janela, unfortunately, injured his knee back in September during a Game Changer Wrestling. The injury occurred after he hit a crossbody dive from the top rope and landed awkwardly on his leg.

As a result, Janela tore his PCL, MCL, suffered ACL sprain, and several other issues. He’s expected to sit out for at least a year. Recently, Janela took to Twitter to “vent” about his recent struggles. This included his recent breakup with Ford, who he has been paired up with since 2014.

Ford was recently spotted at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando for tryouts. Here’s what Janela had to say:

“I usually don’t get too personal on here, but I wish I had a camera crew follow me around for the last four months, you couldn’t write my life, ups and downs galore. Went from wrestling on the most talked about Pay-Per-View of the year to completely blowing out my knee in less than two weeks.

“Major knee surgery at the end of October that caused me to miss my own show in Los Angeles (I watched it from my friend’s basement) [and] on top of all of that, my real life relationship with Penelope Ford ended.

“I just wanna thank the fans for being for me with these past few months, all the love and support has mentally and financially supported me through these times. And, oh yeah, Spring Break 3 sold out so fast that we had to add another show, which equally sold out just as fast!

“The clock is ticking and I’ll give everyone the great wrestling comeback story of all-time. The next chapter is gonna be epic! Enjoy the ride. Happy Holidays!”

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