Joey Janela’s AEW Contract Set To Expire This Weekend


Joey Janela’s contract with All Elite Wrestling will be expiring this weekend.

“The Bad Boy” took to Twitter today to announce that his contract with the promotion will be expiring on Sunday. He wrote,

“Sunday my AEW contract expires, & I have the same car I had in 2019 before it started. Got me thinking what the f**k did I spend my money on?

I spent it on f**ng lobster, lots and lots of f**ng lobster aka Did my first contract absolutely 100% correctly!!”

As previously reported here on eWn, Janela will not be signing a new contract with the company. He originally joined AEW when it debuted back in 2019.

Joey Janela vs. Mike Bailey will be taking place at this Saturday’s GCW’s “In Too Deep” event.

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