Joey Mercury On When He Quit ROH


Joey Mercury recently spoke to Fightful and opened up even further regarding his issues with Ring Of Honor General Manager Greg Gilleland, including when he quit Ring Of Honor.

The following quotes were shared via Fightful Select (subscription required)

“Friday night. Oct 25th. York Hall, I told the boy “you are a stupid motherfucker, fuck you, & fuck this shit, I’m done”. Stayed in parking lot for show and completed my (but unassigned to anyone) duty of head counting and being last one on the bus. Back to hotel. Cunt told me to take the tour off and didn’t change my travel.
“I typed that I set Flip’s elbow. I have not, nor will I falsely type. No medical. No concussion protocol. No security. Unethical “circus animal treatment” of talent. No empowerment of women. No women on creative. No talent relations. No fair market value pay. Advantageous predatory behavior from upper management. I provide evidence. I quit and then put in for my release. I am not under contract. If I am- they’ve breached.
“Did I tell talent that they are allowed to know what other places would pay for their services, and ask for more money as an independent contractor? Did I ask if they hate talking to the office? Do they like talking to me better? If they think I could get more money for them? FUCK YES.”
“source” “some talent” I’m Joey. And if anyone don’t like it- I’ll give you my address too. Pussies.”

Clearly, Joey doesn’t wanna remain anonymous. Learn more about the Joey/ROH issue here.

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