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Joey Ryan Announces on His Farewell to the Indies That He’s Not Leaving the Indies



Joey Ryan revealed his Fate at last night’s Bar Wrestling show.

The show, which was advertised as Joey’s farewell to the independents, would see him take on fellow viral sensation Priscilla Kelly. After the match, Joey gave the announcement that everybody was waiting for. After months of speculation, it was finally time to learn where Joey Ryan would be headed in the immediate future.

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The announcement was this: Joey Ryan is staying on the independents. Joey would go on to say that even if he’s a big fish in a small pond, at least it’s his pond. He cited spending 19 years putting equity into the Joey Ryan character and not wanting to give that freedom up.

You can see a full transcription and video of his declaration below:

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“When my Lucha Underground ended and I started getting so many offers and different people wanting me, it felt great. It felt great to be the hottest free agent in wrestling and I loved every bit of it, you know. It really validated what I’ve been doing. I was kind of like Aladdin when he had the three wishes, you know? He wanted to be a prince, he saw greener pastures, but in the end, he had to learn that he just had to be true to himself. So when I was negotiating these offers, I came to the realization that if I go exclusive, this incarnation of Joey Ryan goes away forever.
A brand that I put 19 years into and I built a fan base that’s important to me. You know, the more I thought about it, the more I think that independent wrestling and the independent wrestling fans are the blonde girl I’ve been looking for on BTE. So for better or for worse, I choose you, independent wrestling. Where I can fly like a bird.
With independent wrestling, I might be a big fish in a small pond, but it’s my fucking pond.”

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