Joey Ryan Deactivates Twitter Account Amid Sexual Assault Allegations


As previously reported here on eWN, Joey Ryan has been the subject of numerous allegations surfacing during the #SpeakingOut movement.

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Earlier today, a new allegation came to light by former With Spandex Editor Danielle Matheson, who alleged that Ryan assaulted her in 2019. Matheson said that she did not want to go into details, but instead gave the following statement:

“All I need to tell you, a stranger, is that I said I wasn’t interested and was tired and just wanted to go to sleep more than once. That I didn’t want anything that happened, and felt so trapped my body just didn’t know how to fight or escape what was going on. If you think that isn’t real, I’m happy to direct you to Google so you can educate yourselves on not only the mental/chemical reactions one can have when being assaulted, but also all of the ways your body works to protect you when fight and flight just aren’t possible.”

Joey Ryan has since deactivated his Twitter account. At this time Impact Wrestling has yet to address the matter. However, PWInsider reports that sources inside the company have given the impression that Ryan will not be returning but that has yet to be confirmed.

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