Joey Ryan Files Another Lawsuit, Third Sexual Assault Accuser


Former Impact Wrestling Superstar Joey Ryan isn’t letting up on his lawsuits against his sexual assault accusers, filing a third lawsuit this week. Earlier this week, Ryan filed two lawsuits against women who accused him of sexual misconduct, comprising four named women and ten Jane Does.

In a new report provided by PWInsider, Joey Ryan filed a third lawsuit on September 30th. This suit was filed before the United States District and Central Court of California on September 30th and names a woman from Canada as the defendant.

The lawsuit, similar to the previous two, includes a lot of background on Ryan and his career, as well as his social media. It states that the woman alleged on Twitter that Ryan committed sexual assault and sexual battery on her “in a manner that would be considered a felony,” and that she was “forced by [Ryan] to engage in sexual acts with [Ryan], forced meaning the use of fear, threat and intimidation.”

Ryan further alleges that the woman worked for former WWE developmental talent Ryan Nemeth, the brother of Dolph Ziggler, and “encouraged violence to be committed” against Ryan. Nemeth is not named in the lawsuit. It goes on to deny that anything non-consensual had ever transpired between Ryan and the accuser.

The lawsuit states that the women was “fully aware that publishing the defamatory statements described above … would reach the eyes and ears of at least hundreds to thousands of persons” and that it did so, causing a “negative effect on [Ryan] as a professional wrestler and wrestling promotor [sic].”

Joey Ryan alleges that the woman “intended that the defamatory statements would prevent [him] from practicing as a professional wrestler and further wrestling promotions.”

Ryan says that the accusations injured his ability to perform and exposed him “to hatred, contempt, ridicule, and sham,” and ostracized him from his “California and virtual community,” and harmed his “personal and professional reputation.” This resulted in financial harm.

Ryan is asking for a jury trial and “$200,000.00 per month in economic damages starting 6/21/20 based on his loss of revenue from performing as a professional wrestler, loss of merchandise sales, the shuttering of his Bar Wrestling promotion, loss of Cameo and Twitch revenue and loss of other revenue streams.”

Joey Ryan is also seeking $5 million in non-economic damages, as well as an injunction “permanently restraining and enjoining defendant” from making and publishing her allegations as well as ordering her to retract them, to direct “any, and all, websites that defendant posted the defamatory statements” to delete the statements, and pay for his legal fees.

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