Joey Ryan Speaks Out – Gutcheck, Ring Ka King, More


Joey Ryan was recently on Kayfabe Wrestling Radio, discussing getting his chance on the TNA Gutcheck and more. Here are the highlights…

On Ring ka King Helping Him Get on Gutcheck: “Ring Ka King and TNA are different, I think more different than people realize. They’re not really sister companies, I would say they’re cousin companies. Obviously, they are under the same umbrella, but one is run by Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff and the other one is run by Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantel… if you noticed, TNA didn’t even really promote Ring Ka King much when it was out, if at all, so they’re very different. But it was the same connection that got me there; I worked with Dave Lagana who is a writer on Impact now, I worked with him at NWA and then at Ring of Honor and then he got hired to write for Ring Ka King and he put me on that. Then, he got hired to write for Impact and he suggested me when they were looking for un-contracted guys. So really it was the same connection, but it wasn’t because of that.”

On Ring Ka King’s Future: “One of the benefits of being a wrestler, obviously, is to get to see places in the world that you normally wouldn’t get to see. I don’t know if I wasn’t a wrestler, if I’d ever get to India but it was awesome; probably my favorite time ever wrestling. I’m a fan of 80’s wrestling and that’s what I imagine wrestling in the 80’s would have been like, because you have a really naive crowd, this real naive audience, that’s ready to eat up anything you give them. Then, in the ring you got these Indian guys that are, for lack of a better term, they’re green, so you’re carrying green guys and you’re in front of a naïve audience; that’s probably what the 80’s are like. As a part of season 2, I hear good things I hear bad things, I hear it might be in a different county so I’m hearing rumors, nothing has been confirmed though, I haven’t received and bookings, anything to keep in my calendar.”

On Social Media in Wrestling: “I personally think it’s good because people from all over the world can now access you or as a fan I can access them. I don’t think it hurts the illusion at all, well for some people; I’m not very different… I’m not a completely different person in the ring than I am now: I have a Bruce Banner side and an Incredible Hulk side; it’s just when I’m in the ring, I’m the Incredible Hulk side and when I’m out of the ring, it’s the Bruce Banner side but the ideas and the mindset is the same. So I don’t really present myself as being anything different; what you see in the ring is very much a part of me and very much inside me or else people would see right through it and see it’s not real. I think it’s important when you adapt an in-ring personality is to take a part or your own character, your own characteristics, and use it and exploit it, which is what I’ve done. So, as long as you are staying true to yourself and your in-ring persona, I don’t really think it kills any illusion.”

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