Joey Ryan Worked Recent MLW Show Injured, Might Need Surgery (Photos)


Yesterday, Joey Ryan teamed up with Swoggle at the MLW Chicago FUSION TV tapings against The Dirty Blondes. However, Ryan worked through the match with a sling on his arm, as he tore his pectoral muscle at a previous show in Austin, Texas.

Ryan made a joke by saying “That seems to be going around a bit,” referencing Triple H suffering the same injury during his match at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia. After the match, Ryan took his sling off to show off how badly bruised the affected area was. He noted he might need surgery, but doesn’t know how long he’ll be out.

He followed up on Twitter, posting a statement along with some photos of the injury. Check them out here:

“Had a blast teaming with  tonight in Chicago but it’s true; I tore my pec (heard it’s going around) last night in Austin. Unfortunately, I need to pull off  &  for the rest of the weekend so I can see my doctor & figure out the severity of it.”

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