Joey Ryan’s Lawsuit Against Accusers Dismissed By Judge


As was previously reported, Joey Ryan is suing several people for defamation after multiple women accused him of sexual misconduct during the #SpeakingOut movement last year.

While he won a default judgment against Allie Kat last month, Heel by Nature reports that a judge dismissed his lawsuit against three other accusers. The names were redacted by the report, as they haven’t publicly attached themselves to the accusations.

On February 10, Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald noted that Ryan “has not adequately responded to the OSC. It is well-established that a district court has authority to dismiss a plaintiff’s action due to her failure to prosecute and/or to comply with court orders.” The order stated that attorneys for all parties weren’t present during the ruling.

The judge dismissed the case “without prejudice”, meaning that Joey Ryan can re-file before the statute of limitations runs out. Previously, a judge also dismissed his case against former ROH wrestler Pelle Primeau. That case was moved to the Eastern District of Pennsylvania US District Court and was given to a judge on January 6. Primeau is crowdfunding legal fees to fight the case. You can see the order here.

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