​Joey Styles Deletes All Of His Tweets From Twitter After Recent Controversy


As many of you know by now, Joey Styles was recently fired from the EVOLVE Wrestling promotion after the former ECW announcer made some inappropriate comments during a promo during the EVOLVE 72 iPPV event. Styles made a comment about EVOLVE announcer Joanna Rose who was in the ring at the time. Joey reportedly said, “Joanna, you look great tonight … and if our next President were here tonight he’d want to grab you by the … ” before stopping his sentence. Following the comments, Styles’ relationships with Beyond Wrestling, Flo Slam and CHIKARA also ended. Gabe Sapolsky as well as Flo Slam officials were said to have been very upset with the comments and basically “demanded” he be fired. Sapolsky also told the EVOLVE locker-room before the show to stay away from anything politics/election related.

On Friday night, Joey Styles deleted all of his previous tweets from his official Twitter account. Then on Saturday morning, he tweeted a photo featuring dual event posters for ECW’s first pay-per-view event (Barely Legal in 1997) and the WWE promoted ECW event (One Night Stand in 2005).

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