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NewsJoey Styles’ New Role In EVOLVE Revealed

Joey Styles’ New Role In EVOLVE Revealed



WWN Live, the parent company of EVOLVE, announced via their Wednesday newsletter that Joey Styles has started working for EVOLVE. This was sent out in their newsletter:

Joey Styles has graciously proposed a unique role for himself to the EVOLVE office. We were quick to accept. Joey brings over 20 years experience to EVOLVE with experience in front of the camera and behind-the-scenes in ECW and WWE. He is a wealth of knowledge. At this point in time, Joey wants to cement his legacy in wrestling. In order to do that, he is going to share his knowledge on EVOLVE events with the goal of making EVOLVE a better place. Styles has been given the “go ahead” to interject himself on events when he feels he can make the show better for the wrestlers and the fans. This isn’t a typical commissioner or GM role. It’s about Joey paving a legacy of unselfishly giving back to the pro wrestling business and the fans. There are many possibilities ahead for Joey Styles and EVOLVE. It starts this Saturday at EVOLVE 68 and Sunday at EVOLVE 69.

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