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NewsJoey Styles Speaks On ECW, Fans, His “Oh My God” Catchphrase

Joey Styles Speaks On ECW, Fans, His “Oh My God” Catchphrase



Joey Styles recently spoke with about various topics. Here are the highlights.

On the ECW fans:

“The fans started to embrace me as the crowds started growing,” recalled Styles. “At first, I thought ECW was going to be a stepping stone to a bigger company. Never did I think I would purposely turn down close to ten overtures during the seven years I was with ECW, and I went down with the ship. Tommy Dreamer and I were the only two who went down with the ship rather than taking contracts to go elsewhere, and while that decision cost us money in the short-term, it benefited the both of us in the long term. I’m still called ‘The Voice of ECW,’ and Tommy is called “The Heart and Soul of ECW,” and the reason we are still relevant and still working in wrestling is because of ECW.”

On his “Oh My God” catchphrase:

“There was something crazy happening in ECW, and while calling it in post-production, I automatically just said, ‘Oh my God!’” explained Styles. “I didn’t know what standards and practices would allow. I just didn’t know any better. I looked at Paul and said, ‘Can I say ‘Oh my God’ on the air?’ And Paul said, ‘Not only will you say it, that’s going to be your new catchphrase.’

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