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NewsJoey Styles Speaks On His Time In ECW, Paul Heyman, More

Joey Styles Speaks On His Time In ECW, Paul Heyman, More



Joey Styles recently spoke with about various topics. Here are the highlights.

On working for Paul Heyman in ECW:

“Paul told me to come to ECW for a tryout, but Paul wasn’t the executive producer—or booker—he was just a talent,” explained Styles. “His friend, Eddie Gilbert, was the booker and Tod Gordon was the owner. Unfortunately, Paul didn’t tell anyone that he offered me the tryout—because he had no business doing it—and I showed up in Philly. I found the building, started getting dressed backstage, and was in my tighty whiteys when Tod Gordon walked up to me. Tod asked, ‘Who are you?’ And I told him I was there for the announcing audition, and he said, ‘I own ECW and don’t know a thing about it. What the hell are you doing in my building?’ And that was the start of my career with ECW.”

On being a commentator for WWNLive:

“Just when I thought my announcing career was long over, I am now announcing for three professional wrestling video-on-demand subscription services in Chikara, EVOLVE, and Beyond Wrestling,” said Styles. “Video-on-demand is the biggest game changer in pro wrestling. “When I announce for EVOLVE next on Saturday, November 12 from New York City, the internet pay per view is going to be broadcast on Floslam.TV as part of a brand new subscription service,” said Styles. “That is just my weekend job. I still work full time selling digital advertising. I’m back to doing what I did in my twenties—I’m commuting from Connecticut into Manhattan to sell advertising during the week, and on weekends, I’m calling wrestling matches. I’m 45 not 25, but I’ve got more energy now than I did then and I’m ready to go.”

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