John Cena Defends WWE Creative


John Cena is without a doubt, one of the most iconic and influential people in wrestling. That means when he says something, it is usually taken seriously and spread throughout the wrestling world. As of late, WWE creative has been under a lot of pressure to turn out quality storylines. I know first hand after meeting a few writers how hard they work. It is nearly impossible to create six+ hours of fresh and exciting content every single week, and John Cena agrees.

Although it has been awhile since Cena was a full-time superstar, his word still carries a long way. When speaking to Chris Van Vliet from Fightful, Cena talked about how many people are under the impression that “creative doesn’t have enough content for all WWE superstars”, but Cena disagrees. Cena defended the creative writers explaining how hard it is to produce content on this schedule, as well as please as many people as possible. From Cena’s point of view, it is up to the wrestlers to get over and create the magic and far less of the writers responsibility.

“I hate hearing people say ‘creative has nothing for me’ or ‘they’re not writing good things for me’. You have a small crew of writers who has to write a mass amount of segments and they churn out general stories. The best, most brilliant situation in the world is, two guys are going to have a match tonight, figure it out. Or, getting something that is not good because then you can take it and go with the writer and make it your own.”

“I’ve worked with so many people on our writing team from the head writer himself to a guy on the first day on the job. It’s up to the talent to take something that is, no offense, sh*tty, and make it good. I have never been handed a written piece of paper that I go ‘this is great’. It’s always ‘how do we turn this sh*t into something that makes sense.’ I’ve seen guys like Miz do it, guys like Seth do it, AJ when we were able to creatively bond for a while, and Bray.”

According to Cena, the writers provide the skeleton and it is up to the superstars almost entirely to make the entertainment out of it. From his point of view, the job of creative is very hard and wrestlers can build upon what they are given. With that being said, Cena is protective of creative and believes they do a good job.

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