John Cena Discusses His Work With Make-A-Wish, More


While doing the media rounds promoting Peacemaker, John Cena appeared on the Drew Barrymore Show. During his appearance on the show, Cena spoke about his work with Make-A-Wish, as well as why he doesn’t know when he’ll be ready to have kids.

Responding to a comment from Barrymore regarding his ability to connect to children through Make-A-Wish, and if those same abilities would translate to him having his own children, Cena said this:

“First of all, thank you for the comment, And I really enjoy my life. I have been riding a lightning bolt for quite some time now, and I’ve been given opportunities to do and see things that man, I didn’t even dream of. And I had some pretty lofty dreams. It’s hard work. It’s hard work to balance the time I need to run myself correctly, it’s hard work to be the best partner and husband I can be to my loving wife. It’s hard to keep connections with those in my life that I love. And it’s also hard to put in an honest day’s work. Just, this is just my perspective, again, totally not qualified, but I think just because you might be good at something is, for me is not a strong enough reason to do that.”

“You have to have passion for it. You have to have a fuel for it. It’s like saying to somebody, ‘Man, you know, you’re, you’re pretty good with your hands. You’d be a great carpenter.’ But if I want to be an actor, I’ll be an actor. And, and just to say to somebody, ‘You have a great interaction with young people.’ That’s flattering. I still am flipped, and the reason I love Make-A-Wish so much is because they aren’t like, ‘those are those families’ wishes. It’s like, ‘Yo, you can do anything you want.’ And Make-A-Wish’s list is enormous. They literally will do anything you want. ‘I want to kick it with John Cena and go see him wrestle.’ That is the coolest thing I have ever heard in my life.

“It means a lot of things. It means one, something I’m passionate about affects people. It means two, I can be a vehicle, to help make a wish come true. And it means three, when we engage, when the wish actually happens, it’s something that someone wants, and we’re the finish line, and the joy on their face. And these are, these are individuals who are tougher than I could ever imagine, that are going through a set of circumstances that I just, I can’t believe. And they get to just leave all that stuff at the door and they get to relax and escape for a little bit and hang out and we get to talk. I’ve gotten strategy tips, I should do secret moves. I’ve been able to single people out in the crowd, I’ve been able to bring people in the ring. I’ve been able to encourage people to create their own wrestling characters.

“I’ve met Make-A-Wish families multiple times and seeing the positive development that just our interactions had. I’ve received unbelievably emotional, emotionally moving letters from parents after some, some very tragic circumstances happened about what the moment meant to them and will always mean to them. Make-A-Wish is fantastic.

“But all those things considered, I love that, I love that joy, I love that connection. And that, that’s where I’m at right now, and it is difficult water to tread because that, you know, everybody’s like, ‘Well, when?’ I just know not now, you know?”

John Cena holds the record for the most wishes granted of any celebrity as of right now, with over 650 wishes granted.

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