John Cena & Dolph Ziggler Continue Twitter War


Earlier today, John Cena continued a back-and-forth Twitter war with Dolph Ziggler to coincide with their TLC PPV match this Sunday. Ziggler had initially replied to Cena’s “insignificant penis” joke when he made an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on NBC. Cena then responded and took a jab on The Rock. Here’s the full exchange below:

Ziggler: studying ladder matches & killing it at the gym -somewhere @JohnCena studies a cue cards poorly crafted reference to my junk

Cena: Cmon @HeelZiggler u really think @jimmyfallon had cue cards?! 2 reasons why that’s ridiculous. 1) I can’t read. 2) that’s @TheRock gimmick!

Cena: Looks like @HeelZiggler gets a little sensitive when people r having fun. Don’t like the material? Never a problem, Oh and thanks 4 watching

Cena: In other, more relevant news, steel horse headed to Wilkes Barre tonight before we roll into Brooklyn tomorrow @WWE see u there!

Ziggler: @JohnCena: u really think @jimmyfallon had cue cards?! I can’t read & thats @TheRock gimmick!” -my bad, use my junk all u want

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