John Cena: ‘Feeling Of Walking On Eggshells In WWE’


John Cena’s interview on the Steve Austin show was posted today, and you can check that out at this link. Here are some notes from the interview…

* He turns 37 in April and still feels like he can keep up with anyone in WWE.

* He admitted that WWE officials have created a “walking on eggshells” environment and wishes there was more positive reinforcement from management.

* Many WWE superstars are fearful for their jobs and are “not willing” to take the next step with their careers.

* He feels that WWE is on the cusp of having a true all-star roster for the first time in a long time.

* There are big changes going on behind the scenes with how WWE will be presenting the product, moving towards more action and less talk.

* He talked about recently working with Cesaro at the Performance Center for a Muscle & Fitness photo shoot. Cena said he likes to get to know talents on a personal basis when WWE is ready to push them to the main event.

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