John Cena No-Shows Live Event – Big Show Returns


Peter Fournier sent in this report from Sunday night’s WWE Live Event:

Hi Ryan, The Big Show returned tonight. He was in a battle royal to start Sunday night’s house show after John Cena didn’t show up to tonight’s event (fans offered refunds). Big Show will face Del Rio later tonight “for the title.” All I got for now. Peter

No word on why John Cena wasn’t at the show.

With The Big Show returning to action at Sunday night’s WWE live event, it’s very possible we’ll see him on RAW Monday night. As noted earlier here on the website, Show wasn’t cleared to return on RAW before the show was written so the angle with Mark Henry against the Shield was scrapped. While he was medically cleared in time for the 8/5 show, both RAW and SmackDown were already written so it’s possible that the booking team may have something in mind for him this week on RAW in Sacramento.

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