John Cena Reveals Why He Spoke About Nikki Bella On Monday + Nikki’s Reponse


We reported on Monday that WWE Superstar John Cena stopped by The Today Show and noted that he “still loves Nikki Bella and wants to make their relationship work”. As we reported here on, Extra interviewed Nikki Bella at the NBC Upfronts on Monday and her reaction to the news made its way online. On Tuesday, John Cena returned to The Today Show and commented on why he decided to speak out. He said,

“First I want to say thank you ladies for always having me on, always giving me a chance to be able to be honest and I think that’s important. I don’t know if people understand how difficult it is to lead a life in the public eye. I’m grateful but I’m also respectful of everyone’s opinions on what happened yesterday. I did what I did yesterday for one person and one person only. It’s because I love her and I think in times of separation, often we speculate on what the other person is doing and sometimes communication can get messed up. And this is something that people don’t necessarily understand – when you live life in the public, sometimes if you do something in private and then you do something different in public, that person can be like, ‘Well you treat me two different ways.’ So, it was very important for me to be honest with myself, with you, with all of you, because then that allows me to be honest with Nicole. I don’t care about being viral, I don’t care about anyone’s comments, although I’m grateful for all that. I care about one person. One person.”

“I have never regretted one single moment that I have been with Nicole. It has been a constant learning experience. If you look at me in 2012 and you look at me sitting right here, it’s a learning experience and one I’m grateful for. Like I said yesterday, if I never have another second, the time I had was so special and yesterday was even like a top to the top. I learned so much from yesterday, just by being able to be comfortable with who I am and being honest in public. That’s such a liberating thing.”

“I saw some of the comments that she made and I think… like I said, she’s searching for something. I know I can’t force her to find it but I don’t want this to fall apart because of speculation of, ‘I think he’s doing this or I think he feels this way. Here are my cards, they are on the table. We’ll figure out where it goes.”

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