John Cena Set For WWE’s UK Tour, Henry/RAW?


— Mark Henry is expected to return to WWE TV in the very near future. Henry has been medically cleared for a while and may come back as soon as tonight’s RAW.

— Gerald Brisco recently said in an interview that WWE is scouting Sunny Dhinsa and Tyrell Fortune, who are both hopefuls for the 2016 Olympics. Dhinsa is said to be aiming for the Olympics may sign with WWE afterward; he has already visited Florida for an informal tryout.

— John Cena is still being advertised as appearing on the WWE’s upcoming European tour. The tour dates, which include shows in Germany, Scotland and England, are below…

* Saturday, November 9 in Munich, Germany

* Sunday, November 10 in Glasgow, Scotland

* Tuesday, November 12 in Newcastle, England

* Wednesday, November 13 in Nottingham, England

* Thursday, November 14 in Leeds, England

* Friday, November 15 in London, England

* Saturday, November 16 in Vienna, Austria

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