John Cena Snubs A YouTube Phenom?, RAW Notes, More


— FCW will kick off their Summer Slamarama series on June 8th with a show at the Charlotte Harbor in Punta Gorda, Florida. FCW Champion Seth Rollins is the focal point of the advertising.

Alex Flesch sent this one in: Just got back from Raw in Greensboro. Signs were being confiscated at the door, saw a CM Drunk and an anti Cena sign in the trash. Dark match saw Husky Harris’ new character defeat Alex Riley. People were complaining to guest services about no Cena. Not many people knew who Heyman was at first. I left before the dark match. Building was mostly full. Overall a decent Raw but not the best. Thanks for all you do!

Shane Fitzgerald sent this one along: YouTube celebrity Ed Bassmaster wrote something interesting about John Cena on his Facebook. He said “So I’m at the airport in Tampa and I get on the shuttle bus. It’s just me and John Cena. I ask him for a quick pic and he says “I’m on my way home.” without even making eye contact with me. Thanks John, it wasn’t for me. It was for my 4 year old little nephew. My three year olds John Cena doll is going in the trash when I get home.” It’s always hard to tell if stuff like this is true, but it’s really hard for me to see Ed making something like this up. You can see the original post on his official Facebook page And if you don’t know who Ed Bassmaster is (he’s the guy who makes the “would ya look at that” videos), here’s his YouTube channel If this is indeed true, I have definitely lost a lot of respect for Cena.

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