John Gaburick Speaks On Jeff Jarrett, TNA Creative, Spike TV, Sting


TNA has posted a video with Jeremy Borash interviewing John Gaburick. The questions were sent in by fans on twitter. Gaburick talks about bringing in younger talent and mixing them in with some experienced veterans. He says that this is the right “first step.”

Some notes: He says that the company gave him a fair offer and AJ Styles chose to go elsewhere. He said that it was an honor and a privilege to work with Sting and said that although his contract moved on he would welcome him back with open arms. He said that they gave him an opportunity on the production side but Jesse had the “wrestling bug” and they could not allow him in the ring until doctors said it was ok.


Gaburick said that we will see the 6-sided ring in TNA. He did not say when. He also said that the locker room morale is “outstanding”. Funny, because that’s not what the talents would say privately.

He also said that while Jeff Jarrett is not involved in day to day operations, Jarrett is still an owner and wished Jeff the best.

Gaburick praised writers Dave Lagana and Matt Conway. He said that the buck does stop with him and said that there are consultants that help out and he gets input from other people in the company. He did not say Vince Russo but it’s been rumored that Russo has been consulting from home.

He talked about the TNA live events and said that before the events they have a one hour fist-pumping party hosted by Robbie E and Rockstar Spud.

He addressed Spike TV and said that they are fantastic to work with and hopes to continue the partnership long into the future. Unfortunately he did not address the status of the current deal that expires this year.

Borash wanted to get Gaburick on again for more questions but he declined and said this is a “one and done” interview.

You can watch the interview below.

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