John Morrison Predicts That Brock Lesnar Will Win Royal Rumble Match, Comments On AJ Styles


John Morrison recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of SI.com to talk about various topics.

On the Royal Rumble match:

“I love the Rumble,” said Morrison. “For the record, the winner of the Rumble will be Brock, ‘Taker, or Finn Balor—but I think it will be Brock. I’ll watch if I’m home in time from 5 Star.”

On AJ Styles:

“I’ve had the opportunity to wrestle AJ Styles twice, and no one deserves to be WWE champion more than that guy,” said Morrison. “He put in his time and paid his dues, and he’s so crisp and clean and his mind is so wrapped around wrestling. He’s a pleasure to be in the ring with. He can fly, he can do ground work. I was a high school and collegiate wrestler and AJ was the same, and our styles meshed really well and we had good chemistry. It’s cool that we had the chance to start 5 Star in the U.K. and to see how much it’s grown.”

On being in a Slim Jim commercial:

“I don’t know if there is a cooler brand to endorse as a wrestler than Slim Jim,” said Morrison. “You immediately think of Randy Savage, and Edge is another great wrestler who endorsed Slim Jim. It’s cool for me to be a part of.”


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