John Morrison & Ricochet Cut Promos On Each Other Prior To Their Rematch On RAW


Prior to their rematch on this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW, John Morrison and Ricochet both took to Twitter to cut promos and promote the match. Morrison originally tweeted out a video, saying,

“Who got this flippy drip started? Johnny. Follow me, Ricochet? Probably not bro. Because you’re dry. You know, a lot of things these days were seeming pretty dry to the flood stud, until Monday Night Raw made the choice to be moist and book a rematch between Ricochet and Johnny Drip Drip. ‘Oh wet yeah!’ Ricochet is fixing to get H2-owned by Johnny Drip Drip this Monday on Raw. You see, there’s a difference between trying things and doing things. And a Ricochet is a copy. An echo of a shot that somebody else took … but let me ask you a question. What’s more impressive, the ricochet or the shot?”

Ricochet then posted his own video, saying,

“John man, I hear you. That was a really cool promo. I like all your water references; those were really neat. But then you started talking about a ricochet. You better watch your mouth when you are talking about a ricochet. Because you can go ahead and take your shot? But once you take your shot, it’s over and done. Now Ricochet, he’s liable to hit anyone in the proximity at any time, John. It could be you; it could be your homeboy in the wheelchair. It could be anybody in the Money in the Bank Match, John. So go ahead; take your shot. Hope you don’t miss.”

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