John Morrison Shares Details On Near-Elimination Idea He Pitched For The 2020 Royal Rumble


Ahead of Saturday’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view, former WWE Superstar John Morrison shared details on a near-elimination spot he pitched for the 2020 match.

Morrison, who had one of the original elimination near-misses in 2011, said the following on wanting to top that moment:

“I came to Royal Rumble 2020 in Houston TX with a crazy idea for a near Rumble elimination- I wanted to top my near elimination from the Rumble in 2011. I settled on standing on the 2nd rope then taking a tackle or drop kick that would send me flying back- I’d back flip in the air, then save myself by landing sitting on the guard rail. I never got to do it. I’m posting this today for anyone out there thinking about saving a great idea for the perfect time. Don’t save it. The perfect time is right now- force yourself to come up with a better perfect idea. I’ll be watching tonight- rumble has always been one of my favorite PPVs. The clip in the ring is from the day of the rumble in Houston the other clips are from a gym where are repped backflips until I programming myself to flip back instead of up.”

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