John Morrison Talks Vince McMahon, Lex Luger/WWE, More


— Lex Luger has arrived to as he is now featured in their Alumni section. The website says of The Total Package, “With his impressive physique and powerful abilities, Lex Luger became one of the most popular competitors of the 1990s. Check out Luger’s profile, photos and videos, the latest addition to the Alumni section!”

— conducted a Q&A with John Morrison on Saturday at the Motor City Comic Con and the former WWE Superstar discussed working with Vince McMahon.

“It was great and interesting. He’s a wrestling genius. He has a phenomenal mind. He’s comical. However, what he wanted always conflicted with what I wanted, but he has a clear vision & he had confidence. It was really cool to be around him,” Morrison said.

Regarding being ECW Champion, he stated, “It was awesome. Think about all the history. RVD, Tommy Dreamer, Taz, the ECW Ballroom. It was the watered down WWE version of ECW but it was still an honor.”

Morrison also commented on future plans, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, The Miz and more. The full interview is available at

— Here is he latest edition of WWE Outside the Ring, featuring Derrick Bateman and Zumba…

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