Johnny Gargano Comments On Toxicity Of Wrestling Community


Johnny Gargano is a wrestling fan just like all of us. Johnny understands that there are a lot of times where the community can get a tad overly negative. To try to combat this, Johnny Wrestling took to Twitter to deliver this heartfelt message about negative energy in the community:

There’s extreme irony in the fact that a lot of us were talked down to and called names for being wrestling fans when we were younger… only to grow up, achieve our dreams of becoming pro wrestlers just to be talked down to, and called names by.. other wrestling fans?…

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.. but let’s remember that we’re all human beings.

WE are all fans of this crazy world of pro wrestling. WE as a whole are better than toxic negativity on social media.

My hope for EVERYONE in 2019.. Man or Woman..

Just be a good dude.

Well said, Johnny.

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