Johnny Gargano Comments On Whether He Will Continue To Be Called “Johnny Wrestling”


Johnny Gargano said in a new interview that he will always be “Johnny Wrestling,” which is why he brought some elements of the character during the final months of his WWE NXT run. 

“It was such a fun thing, especially for my last TakeOver and I guess my last appearance on NXT television, to be able to come out to ‘Rebel Heart’ and have that back because I feel like that’s the pure Johnny Wrestling at his core,” Gargano told

After being a heel for the last few years, Gargano felt it was important to become a babyface again and have some fun while doing it. 

“I feel like people missed that so much, and that was on purpose,” Gargano explained. “I felt like for a long time I did the pure ‘Johnny Wrestling’ thing… I did the pure ‘Johnny Wrestling’ thing for so long that if you’re a character for such a long time, people grow stagnant of it, people get tired of it. If you watch a television show or you read a comic book and the same character’s around and he’s doing the same thing all the time, (it) gets tiring, you know?

“So I wanted to give people a break from that,” Gargano continued. “But it was so rewarding for me to be able to hear people want that again. That was really fun for me to be able to read the comments and when I teased ‘Rebel Heart’ coming back, people were so pumped and it was really cool to kind of bring that back for one final go-around. But like I said, I will always be ‘Johnny Wrestling’, no matter what.”

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