Johnny Gargano Discusses WWE Main Roster vs. NXT, Triple H Stories


Johnny Gargano recently did a Q&A with Reddit to promote NXT TakeOver: New York event takes place on Friday, April 5, 2019 in Brooklyn, New York at the Barclays Center and will air on the WWE Network. Here are the highlights:

Going to the main roster:

“I get asked the question a lot of when I’m going up to the main roster, and I got a taste of that with Raw and SmackDown, and obviously you get into wrestling, your dream is to wrestle at WrestleMania and one day I hope to make that happen. But for me, I feel like in my heart, NXT is my main roster. It’s everything I ever wanted out of professional wrestling and my goal with NXT is to make people forget the question “When are you going up to the main roster?” NXT is a viable brand on its own. We sold out Barclays Center again. I put our locker room up against any locker room in the world, and tomorrow night at TakeOver, we’re gonna set the bar for WrestleMania weekend.”

Favorite Triple H story:

“The craziest thing for me, since I’m a huge wrestling nerd at heart, I remember we were going through an area where security was going to hold me back, and Triple H had to show security guards how to hold people back properly. At one point Shawn Michaels got involved too. So at one point, Triple H is holding my waist, and HBK is holding my arms. I couldn’t fathom in my wildest dreams where D-Generation X would be pretending be security guards with me at the center. Another great story is after Triple H tore his bicep, I Photoshopped a special “get well soon” card with me and Tommaso’s faces on the card and texted it to him.”

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