Johnny Gargano Is Exploring All Options During Contract Extension


Johnny Gargano’s departure from WWE is not locked in for definite, like some others who opted to leave the company this year. Dave Meltzer shared on Wrestling Observer Radio that Gargano is still strongly considering his options.

“Gargano, his contract is up December 3rd. He signed a one week extension to December 10th so he could do the WarGames show and finish up the storyline. It is not 100 percent [that] he is leaving by any means. He is considering his options but obviously, he has not signed a contract. They did not offer him a 7-day contract. They want him to sign a multi-year contract and he has not done that, and the fact that he has not tells you that he is certainly exploring all options.

There’s a lot to think about from his perspective. It’s not as open and shut as some people, because to me Adam Cole was open and shut. There was only one decision for Adam Cole to make… Gargano, there’s probably two decisions, and I don’t know which way he’s going. If he was leaning strongly towards staying, they probably would have talked him into signing and that has not happened. It’s up in the air.”

The other big name from NXT who has his deal coming up soon is Kyle O’Reilly. There’s no word on what his plans are, but if he were to sign with AEW, he would be able to reunite with his former Undisputed Era stablemates Bobby Fish and Adam Cole.

It is said that both Gargano and O’Reilly would be free to sign with anyone as soon as their WWE contracts expire. We’ll keep you updated on Johnny Gargano’s status. Where would you like to see Johnny Wrestling? Should he stay in NXT, try his luck with AEW, or help out another promotion?

h/t to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and for the transcription. 

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