Johnny Gargano On His Return To NXT & Talks Being Away From NXT Universe


Former NXT Tag-Team Champion Johnny Gargano recently spoke with Byron Saxton for an interview on Gargano discussed his return to in-ring action this past Wednesday on NXT TV & goes over what’s next for Johnny Gargano.

Here’s what Johnny Wrestling had to say:

Gargano“Physically, I felt great being back in the ring. Honestly, the minute I stepped through those ropes, any concern or worry I had of ring rust went right out the window. I was back home. I’ll admit, I was very anxious making my return, nervous energy, perhaps. That’s just how I am though. I don’t see myself as anything special, I’m just Johnny Gargano. I always have been, no matter what I’m about to do or where I am. I always question whether people are going to know who I am and I’m always blown away by the love and reaction I receive. Those feelings were probably amplified by a thousand considering I’d been gone for a few months. Being away from the ring was really tough, I’m used to traveling all over, going from town to town every weekend, but for the first time in probably 12 years, I was just sitting at home. It was the longest I’d ever not been in a wrestling ring since I started seriously training some 16 years ago. When my hand was raised, it just reaffirmed my beliefs that I can do this.”

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