Johnny Gargano Thinks It’s Good Adam Cole ‘Knows A Good Dentist’ For After NXT Takeover


During today’s NXT TakeOver: In Your House Global Press Conference, Johnny Gargano hyped up the main event by telling Adam Cole that it’s a good thing he knows a ‘good dentist’ because of what will happen in their match. The two will face each other, along with Kyle O’Reilly, Pete Dunne and Karrion Kross, for the NXT Championship. He said (via Fightful):

“There’s always revenge on my mind. I am very loyal to the people that are loyal to me, but if you spite me, I do not forget. I always remember. But we’re talking about something that happened two years ago. Part of me thinks I should thank Adam Cole, because I sat back and I watched him go to Cleveland, Ohio, with the NXT Championship. Go to my dad’s restaurant. I watched that happen. Then what did people do? They still cheered for him. That taught me that people, they’re not loyal. They still cheered a piece of garbage.

Yes, Adam Cole is a piece of garbage, but I respect his accomplishments. I respect what he is capable of in that ring — but that was almost two years ago. Looking around this room, after what Adam Cole has pulled the last two weeks, after he threw a chair in my face, I think everyone here in that 5-Way wants to kick Adam Cole’s teeth down his throat. Monday morning, I think he is going to be very happy he knows a good dentist.“

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