Johnny Impact: Austin Aries Has “Deep Issues”


IMPACT World Champion Johnny Impact was recently a guest on the WINCLY podcast to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Specifically, Impact was asked about Austin Aries and the odd events that occurred at the Bound For Glory pay-per-view (PPV) two months ago.

Impact discussed if he has had any contact with Aries since the PPV, and said he believes the former WWE star has some “deep-seated” issues. Here are the highlights:

If he has had any contact with Aries since the PPV: “No. No communication, I don’t know what he’s up to,” Impact said. “Honestly, I hope he’s doing alright. I think he handled himself badly at Bound for Glory. I’m really proud of that match we had.”

Aries having “deep-seated” issues: “I think he’s got some deep-seated issues with himself. When I have issues with myself or situations, I internalize a lot of it. He did the opposite – he took it out on me and the people around me, my wife, people that work for Impact and kind of threw tantrum after tantrum,” said Impact.

“I don’t respect dealing with issues that way. I think it’s an immature way to look at life. Austin Aries the performer, the wrestler, the man – I do respect because he’s talented and has busted his a– in this business for so long.

“But I haven’t talked to him and if the time comes, because I’m sure it will because wrestling’s such a small business, it will be interesting to hear what he has to say.”

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